Spam viruses are the main source of income for players. Once uploaded to a VPC, they send out spam emails and generate an income that increases with the speed of the computer that has been infected.

Getting a Spam VirusEdit

To get a spam virus, you simply download the software from another VPC or an NPC server. Most players will obtain their first virus from FreeWare 4 All.

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Spam sending speedEdit

The spam sending speed does not depend on the version like other software, instead it depends on the target computer. Installing a powerful spam program on a nooby computer will produce fruitless results. Instead, the version is the immunity against anti-virus.

Removal Edit

Spam Viruses can be removed by an Antivirus of either the same version or higher, as is standard with the removal of all viruses. Formatting your Hard Drive will also remove all viruses on your system.