An External Hard Drive, EHD or XHD, is a drive used to store data in a protected place. Access to your EHD is restricted to yourself unless caught DDoSing (see Access below). This drive is also not affected while formatting your Hard Drive, so it is useful for storing backups for files during formats.


The EHD is a useful and safe storage location for all data, with the exception of the DDoS Virus and the DDoS remote. Players cannot access your EHD, therefore virus's cannot be installed on your EHD. It is advised by most to store your important or hard to acquire files, such as a high level Waterwall, Firewall and a Password Cracker of any level, on this drive as backup in case you are hacked.


Only you can access your external hard drive, so other players cannot get their virus's into your EHD and files cannot be deleted unless you're reported to a web server for DDoSing however this is only if you get caught DDoSing. This will result in the DDoSing Software being deleted from both your Hard Drive and your External Hard Drive. Other files on your External Hard Drive are unaffected by being caught DDoSing.


An external hard drive is much more expensive than a Hard Drive owing due to that:

  • It is safe from hacking as only you can upload, download and delete files from it (unless conditions stated in Access are met).
  • It is to be used to keep your software if you decide to format your Hard Drive.
  • It is vital for your important or rare files in the event of hacking.
Name Storage Capacity (GB) Cost Exchange
Default 0.1 N/A Unknown
CorrectThisItemPlease 0.2 N/A Unknown
Garret Travel 0.3 €5,000 €100
e-Nie Lite Repack 0.4 €25,000 ?
e-Nie Mediacenter 0.5 €45,000 ?
Garret Professional 0.8 €80,000 ?
e-Nie Business 1.0 €160,000 ?
e-Nia Adv. Business 2.0 €220,000 ?
e-Nie Triple Business 3.0 €300,000 ?
Garret AV8 4.0 €450,000 ?
Garret AV8 Deluxe 5.0 €560,000 ?
Garret AV8 Pro 6.0 €950,000 ?