DDoSing is the act of commencing a DDoS attack against another player or NPC using a minimum of 5 Slaves installed with a DDoS Virus and if you have a DDoS remote. Performing a DDoS leaves your IP Address in the Logfile of all of your slaves and your DDoS target.

Effects of DDoSing Edit

A DDoS takes 30 seconds for each Slave you're using, meaning the shortest DDoS possible will take 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Against NPCs, a DDoS does no damage and causes the NPC to crash for a short while before it comes back up. The hardware and files on an NPC are not affected if you DDoS an NPC, making it particularly worthless.

Performing a DDoS against other players however is more damaging, with it being capable of damaging hardware or removing files from their Hard Drive.

Being caught DDoSing Edit

If you are caught DDoSing, all of your DDoS software on your Hard Drive and External Hard Drive will be deleted. The risk of being caught DDoSing increases with the length of your attack.

Staying safe Edit

If you plan to DDoS, it is advised that you backup important files such as your Waterwall, Firewall and Password Cracker on your External Hard Drive. This is because DDoSing leaves your IP in the logfile of all your Slaves and your target, meaning that you may expect people to try hack you after discovering your IP (if you do not clear the relevant logfiles immediately).