Connection Speed is important for uploading and downloading files to and from different Slaves and NPCs. Slower connections will force file uploads and downloads to take significantly longer than faster connections. The connection speed does not affect CPU processes.

Price Edit

Below is a table of the connection speeds available to buy. When buying a new CS you do get a small amount of euro for trading in your old one, listed in the Exchange column.

Name Speed Price Exchange
Default 1.0 Mbit N/A N/A
Cable 4.0 Mbit €2,765 N/A
ADSL + 6.0 Mbit €6,700 N/A
ADSL 2 8.0 Mbit €16,500 N/A
Advanced Cable 12.0 Mbit €22,500 N/A
ADSL 2+ 24.0 Mbit €30,000 N/A
Lasercable 75.0 Mbit €50,000 N/A
Fiberwire 100.0 Mbit €67,501 N/A
Double lasercable 225.0 Mbit €200,000 N/A
Triple lasercable 350.0 Mbit €350,000 N/A
Shared satelite connection 500.0 Mbit €500,000 N/A
Deluxe satelite connection 786.0 Mbit €1,000,000 N/A
Direct satelite connection 1000.0 Mbit €1,500,001 N/A
Dual Direct Satellite Connection (NASA) 1476.0 Mbit €2,750,000 N/A